New Media Services, formerly Vision Media, has been in the audiovisual business since the 1980s. With an experience reaching thirty years, the company has established itself as one of the leading players in its sector.



Hybrid/Virtual Events

At New Media Services, we provide specialized streaming solutions for virtual or hybrid seminars and events. We recognize the importance of online presence and communication with your audience, even if they cannot be physically present at your event. Through our advanced technology and experience, we create customized streaming solutions that allow you to broadcast your seminars and events in real time around the world.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is an impressive way to transform and bring any object or space to life. By using projectors and special software, we can create lighting and movement effects on walls, buildings, architectural elements and objects.

3D and 360° experiences

3D and 360 presentations are modern techniques that allow us to create a unique experience for your audience. 3D technology allows us to create three-dimensional graphic presentations that add depth and realism to images. Accordingly, 360 presentations offer a full panoramic experience as they allow the audience to explore a space or scene from every angle and direction. With these techniques, we can transport the audience virtually into our space and offer them a unique experience through your business.


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