Hybrid/Virtual Events

At New Media Services, we provide specialized streaming solutions for virtual or hybrid seminars and events. We recognize the importance of online presence and communication with your audience, even if they cannot be physically present at your event. Through our advanced technology and experience, we create customized streaming solutions that allow you to broadcast your seminars and events in real time around the world.

Whether you choose an all-virtual platform or a hybrid approach with the combined presence of both physical and virtual audiences, we’re here to support you. With the high quality of picture and sound, smooth transmission and reliability of our service, you can ensure that participants will have a harmonious and seamless viewing experience.

In addition, we offer technical support for recording your event, creating high-quality videos and post-production of the content. We’re here to help leverage your post-event content and ensure your presentation is impressive and professional.

Regardless of the size or type of your event, we can provide the right streaming solutions to meet your needs and create an effective and memorable experience for your audience.